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Practice Areas


Domestic disputes are one of the most stressful areas of law that the litigants endure. It can be emotionally and financially devastating on the parties involved. When children are involved it can be especially traumatic on them as, in their perception, their whole world is being torn apart. For these reasons, I try, diligently, to effectuate a quick resolution with mediation or continual negotiations in an attempt to resolve the issues as amicably as possible. Where litigation is the only alternative, I represent my clients diligently to assure they get a fair and just settlement.


In order to protect our families in the event of our demise, all of us should insure that our financial affairs are in order. While many assets can be arranged to avoid Probate, it may not completely meet your needs. A Will, in conjunction with other alternatives may be necessary.

If you have small children, you may need to take other measures to protect them in the event of your untimely demise. Whether you want to request a guardian for them or prevent them from getting all of their inheritance at age 18 years of age, a Trust may be the best alternative. A Trust may also be used to avoid inheritance tax, provide for support or tuition, or to avoid the worry of your estate being liquidated to pay for long term medical expenses.

A Power of Attorney is a document that will allow another person or entity to sign documents and/or contracts, on your behalf. A Power of Attorney can avoid the necessity of a guardianship in the event that you or a family member becomes incapacitated or incompetent.
I offer probate consultations to discuss your situation and the best alternatives for your particular needs.


I represent many small and mid-sized corporations and other business entities, throughout northeastern Ohio. I assist businesses in their initial formation, as well as its purchase or sale, the review and drafting of contracts, non-compete agreements, franchise rights, and represent them in various other legal situations including litigation and mediation. I strive to be readily accessible for my client’s needs.


Mediation, is gaining more and more recognition as a viable alternative to resolving disputes without litigation. In mediation, the parties meet, to discuss the dispute, their position and what it would take to resolve the issues. The mediator is present during these discussions and facilitates an understanding and possible resolution. If successful, Mediation is less expensive than litigation and is less stressful and time consuming. Mediation is useful in business disputes, legal matters, purchases, probate disputes, friends, family or neighbor conflicts, divorce, custody and visitation issues

I have conducted mediations for labor and business issues for over Twenty years. I am authorized by the Supreme Court of Ohio to mediate divorce and custody issues and have been trained and authorized by the Better Business Bureau to conduct Business Mediation.